‘Some Ninja 300s have done 50,000 miles’

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“It’s a real shame that Kawasaki hasn’t made the Ninja 300 Euro4­com­pli­ant as it’s a won­der­ful lit tle bike with very few faults.

“When you talk about is­sues noth­ing re­ally springs to mind and it’s a bril­liant used bike that doesn’t hang around in show­rooms long, es­pe­cially if it is one of the KRT Edi­tion or Per­for­mance mod­els. Buy­ers seem to re­ally like these spe­cial edi­tions and they tend to com­mand a bit of a pre­mium over the green bikes, while the black or white ones are the least pop­u­lar in the used mar­ket. ABS mod­els are also pretty sought after and sell bet­ter than non-abs ones.

“Bikes that have been used as a com­muter through win­ter can need their sus­pen­sion link­ages strip­ping and re- greas­ing. It’s not a huge job, but al­ways worth check­ing for and, while you are on your hands and knees, also check the ex­haust for cor­ro­sion as it is made from steel. Other than that it’s the ba­sics – tyres, chain and sprock­ets and crash dam­age.

“Me­chan­i­cally the en­gine is re­ally solid and doesn’t go wrong, but the valve clear­ances need to be checked ev­ery 7500 miles and the mo­tor needs a mi­nor ser­vice ev­ery 3750 miles. A valve clear­ance check isn’t a big job and the Ninja is lovely bike to work on so ser­vice prices are quite low, around £150 for a mi­nor and £300 for the valve clear­ances. Parts are also quite cheap with a full side fair­ing cost­ing just £256. “Gen­er­ally you get two types of Ninja 300 owner – the com­muter and the week­end rider. The com­muter never washes their bike and it gets ham­mered all year round while the week­end rider keeps it for sunny Sun­days and cher­ishes their bike. Ob­vi­ously it is best to buy a bike owned by the lat­ter, but the fin­ish is good on the Ninja and tatty bikes can be re­cov­ered, how­ever you may need to swap the ex­haust sys­tem as this is a weak point.

“We look after a cou­ple of Ninja 300s that have done over 50,000 miles and as both the own­ers use ACF50 lib­er­ally their bikes look like new.

“One thing I would say to any Ninja owner is to swap the OE tyres to de­cent Pirelli Di­ablo Rosso rub­ber as soon as pos­si­ble as while the stan­dard tyres last for­ever, they are pretty ter­ri­ble in terms of grip and feel.”

‘You get two types of 300 owner – the com­muter and the week­end rider’

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