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Once crude oil is re­moved from the ground it is dis­tilled in a re­fin­ery to split it down to its com­po­nents – gas, petrol, diesel, lu­bri­cat­ing oil and fi­nally bi­tu­men. A mol­e­cule called Decene, the main build­ing block for mak­ing syn­thetic base oil, is then pro­duced ei­ther from eth­yl­ene or by crack­ing petro­chem­i­cal waxes. Decene is then syn­the­sized into longer hy­dro­car­bon chains, re­sult­ing in a prod­uct called Polyal­phaolefin (PAO). PAO is by far the most com­mon syn­thetic used in high­per­for­mance mo­tor­cy­cle oils. How­ever, there are a num­ber of other syn­thetic oils such as Sil­i­cone Oil, Polyalky­lene Gly­col (PAG), Esters and Per­fluropolyether (PFPE). Due to the num­ber of pro­cesses in­volved in cre­at­ing PAO, it is very ex­pen­sive. This is why syn­thetic oil costs more. Semi-syn­thetic is a blend of PAO and min­eral oil, the aim be­ing to have some of the ben­e­fits of PAO but without all of the costs. Mar­tyn Water­house, Tech­ni­cal Man­ager at Rock Oil

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