Q Why is my bike turn­ing into such a greedy gas guz­zler?

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I ride a 2006 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer and usu­ally get be­tween 150-175 miles out of the tank be­fore I hit re­serve. How­ever, in the last few weeks I’ve no­ticed a steady drop in my mpg and to­day my re­serve in­di­ca­tor started flash­ing at a mere 104 miles. I had my fuel in­jec­tors bal­anced a while back be­cause of an ex­ces­sive tick­ing noise. The tick­ing has since re­turned but it’s not as loud as it used to be. Do you think my in­jec­tor bal­ance was not per­formed cor­rectly and now the bike’s run­ning too rich or could it be some­thing me­chan­i­cal? Ge­orge Craw­ford, Glas­gow

An­swered by Charles Marvell, Fl­itwick Mo­tor­cy­cles It’s the throt­tle bod­ies that were ad­justed to get the bike run­ning sweetly and the tick­ing noise is ei­ther the clutch or pri­mary drive gear protest­ing when they go out of bal­ance again and make the en­gine run roughly. But they will not af­fect the fuel con­sump­tion.

It may be the tank sen­sor, as they are not the most ac­cu­rate of things. The only way to know for sure is to brim the tank, note the mileage, do the miles, brim it again and do the maths.

If the air fil­ter has be­come clogged up that will make it run rich, ei­ther from crud, or be­cause wa­ter has got in there, maybe from a pres­sure washer. If that’s clear, then it’s pos­si­ble the fuel pump reg­u­la­tor has be­come faulty and is over-pres­sur­ing the fuel rail. That’s a 15-minute job for a dealer to check with a gauge on the fuel line. Or it could be that the CO set­tings have been mal­ad­justed, as you can do this us­ing the se­lect and re­set but­tons on the dash.

Brim the bike, go for a ride and work out the mpg on the back of an en­ve­lope

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