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I worked at Suzuki in the 1980s and Barry would of­ten pass the time of day. Barry would hap­pily just chat to any­body, es­pe­cially girls. He was the mas­ter of PR and charm. He knew how to speak at the same level to the av­er­age fan or the MD of Suzuki with com­plete ease. An au­to­graph was never too much trou­ble. He knew ex­actly how to wind up the press and who would get him the cov­er­age he needed. He was never ex­actly ‘PC’ but he knew where to draw the line for his em­ployer (usu­ally). I sus­pect that Valentino learnt a lot from him as I see a lot of par­al­lels. Not sure I be­lieve his re­ported com­ment that the RG650 was his favourite bike. He told me it was vi­cious to ride! He said Steve Parrish had 18lb of lead on the front, but that could have been a wind up! Mark Wood, email

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