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Front sus­pen­sion

The fork ap­pears to share a great deal with the ex­ist­ing model, al­though the travel on of­fer looks to be re­duced. The fork is clamped in a de­vel­op­ment head­stock, cre­ated to of­fer a large range of ad­just­ments while the bike un­der­goes test­ing.

Footrest slid­ers

These al­low the test rid­ers to change the rider ge­om­e­try dra­mat­i­cally, and as changes are made to the chas­sis ge­om­e­try. One they have iden­ti­fied the best po­si­tion, the fi­nal pro­duc­tion hangars will be made to match.

Tank & Ra­di­a­tor

The tank ap­pears the same as the cur­rent Tiger 800. That means a 19-litre ca­pac­ity. The ex­ist­ing ra­di­a­tor has been re­placed with two sep­a­rate ones, to al­low the front wheel to rise much higher to­ward the head­stock with­out it foul­ing.


The sub­frame has clearly been mod­i­fied to be a bolt-on unit (the cur­rent one is welded). This could just be for test­ing, but it might be a pro­duc­tion up­date to al­low easy re­place­ment if dam­aged with­out the frame be­ing writ­ten-off. The pil­lion peg hangars are also new.

Wheels & Tyres

The front wheel ap­pears to be a 19in rim, of a de­sign that mim­ics the cur­rent XR fam­ily of Tiger 800s, but with its cast spokes be­ing spaced fur­ther apart. The rear ap­pears to be a 17in rim, and nei­ther matches the front’s de­sign, nor any­thing else cur­rently in the range, and re­minds us of three-spoke Brembo wheels from the 1990s. From the rear view, the rim ap­pears to be wider than cur­rent, and the tyre also ap­pears wider – sug­gest­ing that Tri­umph are fat­ten­ing it from a 150 to a 170 or 180-sec­tion tyre. The tyres on the test mule are Met­zeler Tourance Next.


It’s im­pos­si­ble to tell from look­ing at it whether there has been a ca­pac­ity change, but there are cer­tainly changes. The sump is dra­mat­i­cally shal­lower than the cur­rent bike, and the crankcases ap­pear new, too. The head, con­versely, looks iden­ti­cal to the ex­ist­ing 800. With the Street Triple hav­ing just grown for 675cc to 765cc, it’s rea­son­able to as­sume that Tri­umph have af­fected the same up­grade for the 800, tak­ing it to around 900cc.

Note the su­per­bright LED DRL in the cen­tre of the head­lamp

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