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Get stick­ers straight and bub­ble-free

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Donõt just rush in

Clean the tar­get area with con­tact cleaner and a fresh cloth. If you’ve re­cently pol­ished your bike, the pres­ence of wax on the paint­work will pre­vent the de­cals from ad­her­ing cor­rectly to the sur­face.

Get in line

Use mask­ing tape to po­si­tion the sticker cor­rectly. Treat it as a dry run. Check the other side of the bike to see if there is a sticker al­ready in place so you can get a good ref­er­ence for po­si­tion­ing.

Sticky sit­u­a­tion

Once you are happy with the po­si­tion, re­move the back­ing tape. With the sticker raised at a shal­low an­gle, start to stick one end down. Hold the rest of the sticker off the panel and keep it held in po­si­tion.

Ban­ish bub­bles

Start­ing at the end that is stuck down, use a squeegee to ap­ply even pres­sure to the sticker, mak­ing sure not to trap any air be­neath it. When the sticker is in place, give it a firm sweep with the squeegee blade.

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