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‘I’d rec­om­mend get­ting the forks re­built and buy­ing a new shock’

“The key fac­tor when buy­ing a used FZS600 Fazer is see­ing if it goes into sec­ond gear. First gear on the Fazer is quite short and the jump to sec­ond puts a lot of strain on the gear­box. This can cause the sec­ond gear se­lec­tor fork to bend and that leads to a re­ally stiff change and even­tu­ally a broken gear­box. On a cheap bike such as a used Fazer, that can write the bike off as re­plac­ing it is not eco­nom­i­cally vi­able as a com­plete gas­ket kit costs £500. That said, when I de­stroyed my Fazer’s gear­box on a track­day I bought a new mo­tor for £400 and swap­ping them over was fairly sim­ple.

“The sprocket re­tain­ing nut is a clas­sic Fazer fault and well doc­u­mented. The nut comes loose, the sprocket slides off the shaft and then sits on the threaded part of the out­put shaft. Peo­ple think the clutch has gone and rev the mo­tor, which causes the sprocket to strip all the threads off the shaft! You can slide the sprocket back on and spotweld it in place, but you need to be care­ful not to over­heat the seals. As long as you fit the nut cor­rectly us­ing the lock­ing washer you should be fine, al­though Yamaha did release a deeper threaded nut and this sorts the is­sue.

“The lights on the Fazer are poor, but on the 1998/9 model the bulb vi­brates and cre­ates a white pow­der that fills up the lenses. This is im­pos­si­ble to re­move and makes the light even worse. Some own­ers change the loom to con­vert the Fazer to twin head­lights, which is very easy but you need to tilt the main beam down or it will fail an MOT.

“Af­ter 15,000 miles the shock will be duff. I’d rec­om­mend get­ting the forks re­built and buy­ing an af­ter­mar­ket shock. Don’t be tempted to go for a stiff fork springs, I’ve found softer ones works bet­ter.

“When it comes to the fin­ish the paint likes to flake off from the en­gine’s fins, so don’t jet­wash the en­gine, and check the down­pipes.

“The mo­tor is to­tally bul­let­proof, but the cam chain ten­sioner can need chang­ing and it is a night­mare to get to.

“At the end of the day, a well looked af­ter Fazer is a bril­liant buy and to­tally re­li­able. At the train­ing school we would see them cover over 65,000 trou­ble­free miles with only oil changes.”

Chief In­struc­tor Metropo­lis train­ing school CHRIS SPINKS

Look here Look here Check the sus­pen­sion link­ages and don’t jet­wash the fin­ish off the en­gine

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