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Pro­duc­tion 1

The frames are pro­duced us­ing Resin Trans­fer Mold­ing (RTM). The pro­duc­tion time is only a few hours and when the parts leave the mould they are ready to go, like an alu­minium part. This dif­fers from a hand­made car­bon fi­bre al­ter­na­tive, which would take days to pro­duce.

Al­ter­ation 2

You can mod­ify the stiff­ness by chang­ing the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the fi­bre, the di­rec­tions of the fi­bre, the ma­te­rial thick­ness or the ge­om­e­try of the frame. You can de­sign a car­bon frame to be softer in some di­rec­tions if needed with­out break­ing it.

Strength 3

A car­bon frame is much stronger than a tra­di­tional alu­minium chas­sis, in fact in strength terms it’s much closer to steel. In the case of a hard crash, the frame will not break com­pletely and you will be able to see de­formed ar­eas. How­ever, the at­tached com­po­nents, like han­dle­bars, fork and foot­pegs, should fail long be­fore the frame gets any sort of struc­tural dam­age.

Heat re­sis­tance

The new car­bon fi­bre frame of the BMW HP4 Race has been de­signed to with­stand the same heat as the con­ven­tional alu­minium chas­sis as used on the BMW S1000RR. As the frame is formed us­ing a two-stage tem­per­ing process, it means it could with­stand 100 de­grees centi­grade for a con­tin­u­ous 10-year test with no change to the struc­ture.

Weight loss 5

Weight loss through a car­bon-fi­bre frame de­pends en­tirely on the bike it has been ap­plied to, how­ever in the case of BMW’S HP4 Race the dif­fer­ence is sig­nif­i­cant. At the mo­ment, we can­not re­veal any more than that, but we are very ex­cited at the prospect of the per­for­mance and han­dling ben­e­fits rid­ers will be able to ex­pe­ri­ence when they ride the HP4 Race later this year.

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