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The ec­cen­tric chain ad­juster on my Tri­umph Sprint ST 1050 is get­ting harder and harder to ad­just. Should I give it a pro­tec­tive layer of grease af­ter I have stripped it down and cleaned it? Henry King, Lon­don

A When you slacken off the clamp bolts the ad­juster should turn smoothly with lit­tle ef­fort, but we see a lot of bikes with a sin­gle-sided swingarm that have seized up due to road crud and cor­ro­sion. In that case, you are meant to take the ec­cen­tric ad­juster out and give it and the arm a re­ally good clean, but re­assem­ble it dry. If you grease the mat­ing sur­faces be­tween the ad­juster and swingarm it­self, it will strug­gle to stay in po­si­tion when you ac­cel­er­ate and you’ll be ad­just­ing it ev­ery 50 miles. An­swered by Shaun Lock, Bridge Mo­tor­cy­cles

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