Staff kit tested Off-road suit, gloves & hand cleaner

Mal­colm Smith Rac­ing Voy­ager Jacket £239.64 and Sum­mit Trousers £157.05

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Tester Si­mon Relph Time tested 1500 miles

What’s good? I have been get­ting back into off-road rid­ing but all my gear was well past its sell-by so I have brought my­self up to date with a Mal­colm Smith Rac­ing (the amaz­ing off-road rider in the film

On Any Sun­day) Voy­ager jacket and Sum­mit pants. The suit’s first out­ing was in sub-zero con­di­tions but, with a cou­ple of ad­di­tional lay­ers, I was com­fort­ably warm. The jacket does not come with ar­mour, just the pouches for it to go in, but this is fine as I wear sep­a­rate ar­mour any­way. Both jacket and trousers come with plenty of zipped vents – a god­send in Italy last year where it went from chuck­ing it down one minute, to sunny and 33 de­grees the next. There are also plenty of pock­ets, in­clud­ing a cargo pocket in the back of the jacket and a hood that stows away neatly in the col­lar. What’s not? Make sure you have zipped up your vents and pock­ets be­fore rid­ing through deep wa­ter at high speed. Wakes you up though! Con­tact www.msrac­ Qual­ity ★★★★ ★ Value ★★★★ ★ + Ro­bust and ver­sa­tile gear with ex­cel­lent vents

- Not cheap and the suit doesn’t in­clude ar­mour

Top kit On Any Sun­day… or any spare af­ter­noon

You’ll have to pro­vide your own ar­mour or wear sep­a­rate pro­tec­tion

Wa­ter­proof zips are bril­liant (so long as you re­mem­ber to do them up!)

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