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1 Con­struc­tion

For our Road­tec tyres, the patented de­sign utilises a ra­dial car­cass and a sin­gle layer belt of steel cord. If you think of the rolling di­rec­tion of the tyre, the belt is wound cir­cum­fer­en­tially giv­ing an an­gle of al­most 0°. This al­lows us to tune the wind­ing spac­ing to al­low vary­ing stiff­ness lev­els from shoul­der to crown.

2 Pro­file

The pro­file of the Road­tec is unique. The cur­va­ture has been de­signed to in­crease the width of the con­tact patch. As well as do­ing won­ders for rear grip, a wider con­tact patch ac­tu­ally gives more mileage as it shares the driv­ing forces over a larger sur­face area.

3 Com­pound

We re­fer to this as chem­i­cal grip. The Road­tec has a dual-com­pound rear made from 100% sil­ica at the shoul­ders; sil­ica is the se­cret to amaz­ing grip in the wet or on poor sur­faces, but it lacks longevity which is why the mid­dle strip of the tyre has a dif­fer­ent com­pound. The front is made of a sin­gle, 100% sil­ica com­pound.

4 Tread pattern

The tread pattern works in con­junc­tion with the car­cass and com­pound of the tyre to give wet grip. A sport-tour­ing tyre’s tread should dis­place wa­ter at all speed ranges, and is fo­cused to fling it from the mid­dle to the out­side edge of the tyre. We can max­imise a pattern’s abil­ity to do this by in­creas­ing the stiff­ness of the tread blocks.

5 Test­ing tyres

We have a full-time test team, in­clud­ing rid­ers, tech­ni­cians and fit­ters. Tyres are tested on a range of bikes, dif­fer­ent weights, op­er­at­ing loads and in var­i­ous am­bi­ent tem­per­a­tures and con­di­tions. Test­ing takes place both on closed cir­cuits and roads. We prob­a­bly cover half-a-mil­lion miles from start to fin­ish.

The car­cass must work with both tread and com­pound The pro­file de­sign gives both bet­ter grip and longer life Sil­ica is the key to wet grip The groove and block pattern is key to shifting wa­ter

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