‘The ‘L’ is the one, but keep mods sim­ple and classy’

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“The bar­gain of the used, and per­haps even the new, sports­bike mar­ket is the last in the line of the GSX-R1000L mod­els. I would rec­om­mend the non-abs mod­els as they are much eas­ier to make changes to re­gard­ing brake lines and up­grades. That’s not to say you can’t con­vert an ABS model to non-abs, but af­ter re­mov­ing the ABS unit and as­so­ci­ated lines the ECU needs to be re­placed or your warn­ing lights with be on per­ma­nently.

“Check that the Suzuki re­call re­gard­ing the front brake master cylin­der has been com­pleted; this can be con­firmed via the Suzuki web­site www.suzuki-gb.co.uk/ mo­tor­cy­cles/my-suzuki/tech/

Also, check the ser­vice his­tory; the motors are very strong, but make sure the ser­vic­ing has been car­ried out to Suzuki stan­dards.

“Over the years, Yoshimura have made plenty of GSX-R tun­ing items, in­clud­ing camshafts, full ex­haust sys­tems and more re­cently engine case savers, bar-ends, and chain ad­justers. Th­ese are all nice ad­di­tions. Avoid the cheaper Far East af­ter­mar­ket items. Keep it classy. “Chang­ing the tyres to a stick­ier set and per­haps a 200-sec­tion rear will im­prove the han­dling and road hold­ing. Us­ing the cor­rect pres­sures helps, we would start at 36psi front and rear, cold, and go from there. “The GSX-R1000L is fit­ted with a big chain from stock and can be re­placed with a 520 con­ver­sion, but be wary of al­loy rear sprock­ets as th­ese wear very quickly with traf­fic-light race starts. We would go with the Afam or DC chain with their sprock­ets, but of course there are other man­u­fac­tur­ers to choose from. “There don’t seem to be any prob­lems com­ing to light with the sec­ondary throt­tle but­ter­flies, but ei­ther way th­ese can be re­solved with­out too much ex­pense now.”

‘The bar­gains of the used sports­bike mar­ket are the last GSX-R1000L mod­els’

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