Q How do I di­ag­nose a poor spark prob­lem?

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My Honda NT650V runs well, but oc­ca­sion­ally the en­gine starts to run re­ally roughly, al­most like a sin­gle, and the rev counter drops to zero. If I turn the ig­ni­tion off for about 20 sec­onds and then res­tart, it then runs fine for a few days be­fore it does it again. Ed­die Swaep, email

A An­swered by Scott Bul­lett, Doble Mo­tor­cy­cles It seems like it’s an elec­tri­cal prob­lem that starts to oc­cur once the bike has warmed up. Here’s a way of nar­row­ing down on the pos­si­ble cause that works on any bike. Have a spare spark plug in your pocket and when it starts to play up, stall the bike with the ig­ni­tion still on. Your bike has four HT leads, two on the front, two on the rear, so try to get a lead off each cylin­der in turn and put the spare plug in, let­ting it rest against the en­gine for an earth. Crank the en­gine on the start but­ton and see if you have got a spark on both cylin­ders. I sus­pect one will be dead and it is more than likely a crank sen­sor that is be­hind the clutch cover on your bike.

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