‘It’s been more sell than buy’

Buy­ing sea­son is yet to be­gin for Neil this year, but spring is on its way

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I sold the Kawasaki KH100 at Kemp­ton Park for £775, or £125 more than it cost me in late 2015. So I scratched the lin­ger­ing two-stroke itch, had some fun, and made a nice lit­tle profit on it. If I’d hung on, I know I could have got more, but the man hag­gled well and waved cash, and that al­ways works with me.

All I spent on it, apart from road tax and an MOT, was a few quid for a new six-volt bat­tery and a rear brake op­er­at­ing arm (the splines had gone). You could do the same - there’s no se­cret to it. Just buy wisely and at the right time.

I haven’t fully sorted out the Tri­umph Sprint ST sim­ply be­cause it’s in an un­heated lock-up, un­der a blan­ket, and it’s just been too damn cold to ven­ture in there. And I’ve been away ski­ing too, which was also cold, but was fun! I started the ST and warmed it up the other day, and it’s good. I was ac­tu­ally of­fered an­other one, same vin­tage, same colour, for just £675. No his­tory, no lug­gage, had been stand­ing for a while and needed some at­ten­tion be­fore it would run again. Just like the one I’ve al­ready got, in fact. The pics looked good, and there was a big box of use­ful spares in­clud­ing new chain, sprock­ets, brake pads, fil­ters plus some de­cent tools and other odds ‘n’ sods, but I passed. It was in Scot­land, delivery would have cost at least £150, and no­body needs two project Sprints in their garage, re­ally.

I had in­tended to go on a buy­ing spree this win­ter, but it hasn’t ( yet) ma­te­ri­alised, be­cause there has been a dis­tinct short­age of de­cent bikes to buy. I’m not sure where they have all gone, but I sus­pect that peo­ple have been stor­ing them away un­til spring, I sup­pose. When the weather is cold and the sun is hid­den be­hind a cloud or bank of mist, it’s never a good time to sell. Hope­fully this will change soon. NEXT WEEK The mixed-up world of Tri­umph re­sale val­ues

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