‘Honda know what they are do­ing’

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‘You will strug­gle to buy a bad CBR600F on the used market’

“The CBR600F was a fan­tas­tic bike, a re­ally solid ma­chine and you will strug­gle to buy a bad one on the used market. Like all Hon­das of that era, the cam­chain ten­sioner is a bit weak, but it’s not a mas­sive is­sue. Get­ting it out can be a bit of a fid­dle as it is fairly well tucked away and a banjo for the fuel pipe gets in the way, but a bit of per­sis­tence and you should be fine to swap it your­self.

“Some rid­ers swear by fit­ting a man­ual ten­sioner, but per­son­ally I don’t trust them. You never know how tight to do them up and most of the time peo­ple over tighten them, putting more load on the chain and po­ten­tially caus­ing it to snap, which is mas­sive is­sue. I al­ways think Honda know what they are do­ing and although they do wear out, the ac­tual ten­sioner it­self has been up­dated quite a few times over the years and the lat­est one is pretty re­li­able. You get a load of warn­ing should it be on its way out and a new unit is just un­der £100 and takes an hour and a half for a garage to fit. Per­son­ally, if I had bought a used bike I’d get a new one fit­ted when the bike is al­ready be­ing ser­viced to save costs and be on the safe side. “The CBR does suf­fer a bit from charg­ing is­sues, but this is mainly down to a faulty reg/rec. Again, swap­ping it is fairly easy and most times it is the reg/rec rather than the gen­er­a­tor. You can check us­ing a mul­ti­me­ter (there are in­ter­net guides) but the eas­i­est way is to take off the cover and see if the gen­er­a­tor is black – if it is then it is shot!

“The ex­haust is steel and can rot from the in­side out as wa­ter col­lects in it at its low­est point. Give it a good in­spec­tion and also lis­ten for ping­ing or tick­ing sounds when the en­gine is run­ning as the wa­ter boils. Oddly, crashed CBRS of­ten de­velop ECU is­sues as the cut-out sen­sor seems to cre­ate a spike. Al­ways check any crashed used bike starts as a re­place­ment ECU is costly if you can’t find a used one.

“Own­ers com­plain the CBR has a high tick­over on choke, but that’s just one of their traits. The prob­lem with this is that some own­ers slam the bike into gear when it is revving, which can dam­age the gear­box. My ad­vice is to put the bike in first and then start it with the clutch in.”

Check for cor­roded ex­hausts (they rot from the in­side) and gear­box wear

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