‘Spot­ters paid £200’

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1 Theft by scooter

300cc ma­chines are the top choice for get­away ve­hi­cles. They’re quick and pow­er­ful enough to al­low a gang mem­ber to push a stolen bike along with his foot while rid­ing the scooter. This is be­com­ing the most com­mon method of steal­ing bikes.

2 Spot­ters

Spot­ters are be­ing em­ployed by thieves at £200 per lo­ca­tion. They ride around and search for good qual­ity bikes, which are sub­se­quently stolen.

3 Re­verse track­ing

Thieves are us­ing in­ex­pen­sive, easy-to-make lap­top op­er­ated track­ing de­vices to track their prey. With just a small bat­tery and in­struc­tions from the in­ter­net they can fix one to a ma­chine they want and track it to its home lo­ca­tion with­out spook­ing the owner. If they steal the ma­chine the de­vice can be used again.

4 En­do­scopes

Check for holes in the door of your van or garage as thieves are buy­ing cheap en­do­scopes for a peek in­side.

5 Stripped on the move

There are spe­cial­ist couri­ers who are ex­pert in the crim­i­nal pro­to­col nec­es­sary to cross bor­ders. Th­ese or­gan­ised gangs own gi­ant trans­porters, which are on the move 24/7 with me­chan­ics in the rear, strip­ping bikes as they travel through Europe de­liv­er­ing and col­lect­ing stolen bikes and parts.

6 Clone wars

Stolen bikes are cloned by ex­perts in or­der to re­place a crashed or in­fe­rior bike with a new or bet­ter stolen ex­am­ple. To do this the iden­tity num­bers (frame and en­gine) are erased and/ or al­tered on the stolen bike to match those of the in­fe­rior ma­chine. This is done so well that many peo­ple (in­clud­ing deal­ers) have been fooled. The bikes are of­ten traded into deal­ers as de­posits on new ma­chines, which are then ob­tained on false credit de­tails – caus­ing many deal­ers to go bust. Stolen bikes are also stripped and re­built us­ing gen­uine frames with match­ing V5s. And other bikes are sim­ply stripped down into parts and sold.

The bike has had its steer­ing lock smashed and scooter boy is push­ing it along

Thieves hide a home­made tracker on your bike and find where it’s kept

Doc­tored num­ber used to read 0066357

And this one should be A371097

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