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Your num­ber’s up

Wipe the frame and VIN num­bers with aerosol paint re­mover or nail var­nish wipes to see if the paint comes off. If it does then the bike has been ‘made good’ af­ter al­ter­ation. Check the en­gine num­ber too.

Sticky sit­u­a­tion

Stick­ers hide se­cu­rity num­bers and holes where the LED from an alarm used to be. It’s worth peer­ing un­der the stick­ers if you can to see if a Datatag num­ber is be­hind it.

Proper plates

Post-2003 bikes should have the de­tails of the sup­plier along the bot­tom of the plate. Don’t be fooled by lo­gos like as they’re at­tempts by thieves to make it look gen­uine.

ID please

Check any num­bers found with the mark­ing com­pany and re­mem­ber both the stolen and donor ma­chine may have been marked. Check the num­bers match the reg­is­tra­tion.

The key is…

Check the keys are gen­uine with their logo on them. Try the key in other locks on the ma­chine as it’s too ex­pen­sive to change the whole lock set to re­tain the bike’s one key fits all sys­tem.

Check pil­lion pegs

Most stolen bikes aren’t rid­den away but pushed away by a rider on a scooter us­ing his foot to push the rear footrest of the stolen bike. So ex­am­ine the footrest for dam­age.

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