Rub­ber Con­trol tyres keep it fair

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In the in­ter­ests of fair­ness we fit­ted con­trol tyres for each el­e­ment of the test. Tyres make big a dif­fer­ence to a ma­chine’s over­all per­for­mance and the way it feels. That was high­lighted in our sports tyre com­par­i­son test last year at Aragon on a BMW S1000RR. In our ‘blind’ test the dif­fer­ence be­tween the fastest and slow­est tyres was a stag­ger­ing five sec­onds a lap.

With all our 1000s com­ing on dif­fer­ent rub­ber, con­trol tyres level the play­ing field.

Pirelli Di­ablo Su­per­bike SC3

New for 2017, th­ese track­day slicks are de­signed to of­fer top per­for­mance with­out the headache of man­ag­ing race rub­ber. Pure com­pe­ti­tion tyres de­grade though con­stant heat cy­cles and have to match the track tem­per­a­ture of the track and if they don’t they can tear.

The new Pirelli lasted per­fectly for two hard days rid­ing, of­fer­ing lots of con­fi­dence-in­spir­ing per­for­mance. Teams use th­ese hard-com­pound SC3 slicks in World En­durance.

Pirelli Su­per­bike SC1 front/sc0 rear

For ul­ti­mate per­for­mance we used th­ese su­per-sticky, soft com­pound pure rac­ing slicks for our timed laps.

Pirelli Di­ablo Rosso III

Th­ese all-pur­pose sports tyres of­fer more than enough con­fi­dence and grip for the road. They warm-up fast, of­fer su­perb wet and dry grip and you’ll get an easy 3000-miles out of a rear on su­per­bikes like th­ese.

Con­trol tyres keep things fair

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