‘I’ve noth­ing bad to say about the MT- 09’

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"when this bike ar­rived I loved it! It rein­tro­duced the hooli­gan el­e­ment with­out ter­ror­is­ing its rider. Ev­ery time you ride one, it makes you smile.

"they have proved to be a blank can­vas with all man­ner of up­grades for sus­pen­sion and the like. ECUS can be flashed to smooth out the midrange and pump up the top end a lit­tle, while dif­fer­ent ex­hausts can re­ally give a great sound.

"they are easy to ser­vice with a lit­tle knowl­edge. Sump plug and oil fil­ter are eas­ily at hand. The air fil­ter is ac­cessed by lift­ing the tank. Var­i­ous in­fill pan­els need to be re­moved first so keep a note of the screw and plas­tic pop­per po­si­tions. The tank has to be lifted off, so have some­one hold it while you dis­con­nect the cou­plers or youõll scratch the frame. The ECU is in the lid of the air­box. Donõt dis­con­nect it: re­move the lid screws and fold the lid to the right side to ac­cess the air fil­ter. The spark plugs are eas­ier to ac­cess from the front of the bike by drop­ping the ra­di­a­tor down.

"I'VE only had one thatõs hit 24,000 miles for its valve check and it did in­deed need ad­just­ment which is a cams-out job. But again they are eas­ily got at by re­mov­ing the ra­di­a­tor so should­nõt re­sult in eye-wa­ter­ing bills.

Òthere was a softer tune avail­able for the early bikes as the throt­tle felt jerky to some. Early bikes also had a re­call for the head­light wiring har­ness. Check with your dealer to see if this has been done if you are look­ing at an early bike. The cam­chains can get rat­tly and there have been a cou­ple of up­grades on the ten­sion­ers.

"fac­tory set­tings for the drive chain are tight by the usual stan­dards, I tend to run them slightly slacker at around 15mm.

"chang­ing the rear shock is straight for­ward. Af­ter sup­port­ing the bike with a jack un­der the si­lencer, the link­age needs to be re­leased at the front con­nec­tion and swung back and up to ex­pose the shock rear bolt.

"fin­ish is good and you can buy with con­fi­dence af­ter the usual checks on tyres, chain and sprock­ets, etc. I've noth­ing bad to say about the MT- 09 at all.'

‘The MT rein­tro­duced the hooli­gan el­e­ment with­out ter­ror­is­ing its rider’

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Charles Marvell Chief Tech­ni­cian at Fl­itwick Mo­tor­cy­cles, Bed­ford­shire

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