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Ni­trous ox­ide (N O) is a

2 chem­i­cal com­pound of ni­tro­gen and oxy­gen that can be stored in liq­uid form when it is un­der pres­sure and at room tem­per­a­ture it is a sta­ble and non-flammable gas. How­ever, when it is sub­jected to heat and pres­sure it splits down into its com­po­nent el­e­ments of ni­tro­gen and oxy­gen, and that’s when the fun starts. When ni­trous ox­ide is in­jected into an en­gine’s com­bus­tion cham­ber it breaks down and the re­lease of the oxy­gen al­lows the fuel within the cham­ber to burn more ef­fi­ciently, pro­duc­ing more power and al­low­ing more fuel to be burnt, fur­ther in­creas­ing the motor’s per­for­mance. In ad­di­tion, the va­por­iza­tion of the ni­trous ox­ide liq­uid has a cool­ing ef­fect, again im­prov­ing com­bus­tion by in­creas­ing the den­sity of the air within the cham­ber for a bet­ter burn. There are down­sides as the sud­den power boost puts mas­sive strain on an en­gine and NOS can only be stored in rel­a­tively small amounts. Also, NOS sys­tems fit­ted to cars can lead to ter­ri­ble films and even worse paint schemes!

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