Ad­just your forks for a smoother ride

Fine-tune your bike’s front end

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Usu­ally found at the bot­tom of the fork leg, the com­pres­sion ad­juster af­fects how quickly the fork com­presses when hit­ting a bump or brak­ing. It’s what makes forks feel stiff or plush.


Con­trols how quickly they re­turn to nor­mal af­ter com­pres­sion. The more you add, by turn­ing the ad­juster in, the slower the rate of re­turn. Ad­just in half-aturn in­cre­ments, feel­ing for clicks.


The preload ad­juster com­presses the spring inside your forks to al­ter the range of use­able travel. This also makes the forks feel harder or softer de­pend­ing on how much is ap­plied.

Ride height

Not one for ca­sual twid­dlers, this af­fects your bike’s steer­ing ge­om­e­try, mak­ing it quicker to turn or more sta­ble. Ad­just it by slid­ing the fork through the top yoke. Only ad­just by 2mm at a time.

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