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‘That old adage comes into its own: mea­sure twice, cut once’

Well at least it’s go­ing back to­gether now, rather than spread­ing fur­ther and fur­ther around the garage. I’d got off to a bit of a slow start be­cause of the enor­mity of the task. – it was gen­uinely hard to know where to start.

So first things first, I needed a plan. With­out one there is noth­ing to cock up. Step one: ca­bles. With ev­ery­thing off there is easy ac­cess and it’s pos­si­ble to get a nice route for all of them (www.ven­

Now up and run­ning I get crack­ing. The rear Acer­bis Baja mud­guard comes with a built-in tail light and takes a bit of lin­ing up. That old adage comes into its own: mea­sure twice, cut once. With the first hole drilled and a cou­ple of spac­ers made, it all came to­gether rather well – so it’s time to wire it in.

A quick look at the XT wiring di­a­gram re­vealed it would be easy. Three bul­let con­nec­tors and a bit of crimp­ing and it’s job done.

So time to test things out, all I need is the ig­ni­tion key, now where did I put that? It’s only been 10 years since I last saw it… Plan B! Years ago I lost my bike key down a drain. Luck­ily I re­mem­bered the key num­ber and was able to get a new one cut and since then I’ve al­ways writ­ten down the key num­ber in a book. A bit of form fill­ing on the Ex­press Auto Keys web­site (www. ex­pres­ and a cou­ple of days later a new key ar­rived, I put straight in the ig­ni­tion and it worked per­fectly – along with my new top and tail light.

The orig­i­nal rear shocks had man­aged 36 years of ser­vice and were ready to be changed, the Ikon 7614 shocks (£455.42, https://ikon­shocks. I had opted for went on eas­ily, but with the bolts in place there was a small amount of lat­eral move­ment which I was able to cure with a thin washer of the cor­rect di­am­e­ter, and boy do they look good!

To match the front end up, I also fit­ted a pair of new Ikon fork springs (£84.53) along with a fresh help­ing of fork oil. That should soak up some bumps! Now for one more push to get it fin­ished.

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‘Half a day would be enough to fin­ish the XT off, now where do I find one of them?’

The Ikon 7614 shocks fit on nicely and don’t look out of place on an old bike

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