‘ The ride-by-wire throt­tle is overly light for me’

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Com­ing from my ’98 Blade I could only have high hopes for it, couldn’t I? And it is a bril­liant bit of kit. It’s so light and you only have to look into a cor­ner and it wants to go round it. It’s planted and it gave me so much con­fi­dence. I took some of the cor­ners faster than I ever thought pos­si­ble. The brakes are bril­liant and I even tried out the ABS... just for fun.

I’ve not rid­den with anti-wheelie be­fore and it caught me out a cou­ple of times. I was sur­prised with the way it drops the front wheel down for you. That was amaz­ing and as soon as I re­alised it wasn’t go­ing to throw me off it gave me more con­fi­dence.

The ride-by-wire throt­tle is overly light for me af­ter my ’98 Blade. I’m not quite sure about it. It’s so in­stant out of cor­ners it sur­prised me a cou­ple of times.

It’s not un­com­fort­able. I’m six foot and 17 stone, but it’s roomier than the 08-16 Blade. That bike kept throw­ing me into the tank.

My next bike will be a CB1000R to commute on but the one af­ter that will be track- only. I think the new Blade is per­fect for that and my abil­ity. I’m not sure the mis­sus would al­low me to spend 15 grand on a toy. It’s crazy how ex­pen­sive they are now, but with all the elec­tron­ics and tech­nol­ogy they’ve got, you can see why the prices have had to go up.

Paul loves the way the new Blade de­vours cor­ners

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