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I’m an ap­pren­tice so I’m on a tight bud­get and I want a flipfront lid for my short ur­ban commute to help me keep an eye out for dozy car driv­ers and zom­bie pedes­tri­ans. Ge­orge Beech, Roy­ton

An­swered by Keith A Rois­set­ter, In­fin­ity Mo­tor­cy­cles There’s a broad choice at the bud­get end and sev­eral mod­els fea­ture built-in sun vi­sors – even the bar­gain­base­ment LS2 FF370 Easy Flip Front. The Box SZ-1 and MT Flux are a sim­i­lar spec. Nudge into three fig­ures and there are some at­trac­tive choices in­clud­ing the Caberg Duke (one of our big­gest sell­ing hel­mets) and Scor­pion EXO 920.

If you want to ride with the chin bar in the open po­si­tion legally for a bet­ter field of vi­sion, then you need a hel­met with a but­ton or a lever on it with ‘P/J’ writ­ten on or near it. This is a lock­ing mech­a­nism that al­lows the chin bar to be held in place se­curely. With­out it you’re com­mit­ting an of­fence rid­ing around with the hel­met open, but you are very un­likely to be nicked for it.

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