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Don’t buy a used bike with­out an MOT. Don’t buy a used bike with­out an MOT. I use rep­e­ti­tion to drive the point home.

OK, there are times when it’s jus­ti­fied, like when you’ve bought a project bike, or you’ve taken a good long look at it and de­ter­mined ex­actly what it needs to get its ticket, but in both cases that pre­sup­poses that you have the abil­ity to as­sess a bike prop­erly and also to fix it. And that’s ask­ing a lot of the typ­i­cal road rider.

The main rea­son why a bike is be­ing sold with­out an MOT is be­cause it won’t bloody pass. Get­ting a bike Mot’d is sim­ple – you ride it to the test­ing sta­tion and sub­mit it to the Or­deal By Tester. It doesn’t even need to be taxed, though in­sur­ance is a must.

Don’t be­lieve the seller who says it’s only a bald rear tyre or a leaky fork seal that is pre­vent­ing their wares from pass­ing. It might be true, and the ‘no-time-to-fix’ ex­cuse might be as well (I know I’ve had the same prob­lem), but for every fault the seller de­clares there’ll be one he hasn’t men­tioned, un­less he’s bran­dish­ing the fail cer­tifi­cate to prove the point.

You have to get the bike home, as well. OK if you have a van or trailer, but most don’t. In times gone by, you’d prob­a­bly be cov­ered on your own in­sur­ance and you’d risk be­ing nicked. These days, there are ANPR cam­eras and while you can in­sure it im­me­di­ately via a phone call or on­line, you can’t tax it, be­cause... it hasn’t got an MOT, that’s right. And if it is taxed and you still get stopped, the po­lice are wise to the “I’ll change own­er­ship once I get it home” dodge.

For the third time, don’t buy a used bike with­out an MOT.

If the bike doesn’t come with an MOT there’s prob­a­bly a good (or bad) rea­son

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