‘Watch out for ne­glect from com­mut­ing’

‘Chain ad­justers are straight­for­ward and oil­ers are eas­ily fit­ted and worth­while’

Motorcycle News (UK) - - Buying & Selling - Charles Marvell Chief Tech­ni­cian at Fl­itwick Mo­tor­cy­cles, Bed­ford­shire

“From a me­chanic’s point of view this has been a good bike. The fin­ish is rea­son­ably durable, and with a lit­tle care and at­ten­tion they have proved to be solid and re­li­able.

“Home main­te­nance is straight­for­ward. The sump plug and oil fil­ter are eas­ily ac­cessed, as is the air fil­ter once the tank is up. There are a cou­ple of front in­fill pan­els that need to be re­moved then the tank can be un­bolted at the front and hinged up­wards on its rear fix­ing to give ac­cess to the air fil­ter. Take care not to stress the fuel pump elec­tri­cal con­nec­tions. It’s best to un­plug them first.

“The spark plugs can be found by re­mov­ing the air­box and peel­ing back a rub­ber shield held by cable ties. Cut the ties on one side only and flap the rub­ber shield to one side – it’s much eas­ier to re­place this way. The plug caps are con­ven­tional, so no ex­pen­sive coil caps here. Re­mem­ber to con­nect up the breather hoses and sen­sors when the air­box is re­fit­ted. If you de­cide to have a go at balanc­ing the throt­tle bod­ies, the con­nec­tions for the gauges are rub­ber pipes with plas­tic blank­ing plugs and the ad­just­ments are on a small man­i­fold to the rear of the bod­ies with num­bered ad­juster screws. If one of them is painted white use that as the one to ad­just the oth­ers to. “Do not touch the spring and screw com­bi­na­tions con­nect­ing the throt­tles. These are fac­tory set and should be left alone. When low­er­ing the tank make sure that the two breather hoses are pulled through to their white marks on the right side of the bike near the footrest. This is very im­por­tant. If the pipes are left kinked, at best the bike will get fuel star­va­tion and at worse the tank will be col­lapsed by the re­sult­ing vac­uum. If the en­gine light is on when you fire it up, you have left a sen­sor un­plugged.

“As for the chas­sis, these bikes are of­ten used as cheap commuters and are ne­glected. The caliper car­ri­ers need clean­ing a cou­ple of times a year to keep them from seiz­ing up. Chain ad­justers are straight­for­ward and chain oil­ers are eas­ily fit­ted and worth­while.”

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