Rain­ing Qatars and dogs

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That’s one dodgy round we’ve had at Qatar and Mr Seamly of Durham (MCN Let­ters, April 5) wants to can­cel the event? That round was a corker be­cause of the weather! More out­siders in the top 10 than you could shake a stick at and, as ever, the cream of the crop read­ing the race per­fectly and fin­ish­ing one, two, three, four. We’ve had lots of great rac­ing at Qatar in the past, and I hope we have many more races at that venue. Pat Keenan, email

Why so ex­pen­sive?

I have read the let­ter from David Shaw in last week’s MCN and agree with him whole­heart­edly. The cost of modern mo­tor­cy­cling is out of con­trol and I feel that the prob­lem starts with the fact that new bikes are all but out of reach for most of us – and as a re­sult of that the price of used ma­chines is also be­yond rea­son. Try find­ing any de­cent bike un­der £3k and it will al­most cer­tainly be over 15 years old! I am at a loss as to why new ma­chines are the cost they are. I know that they are stun­ning with per­for­mance that on four wheels would cost hun­dreds of thou­sands but if you take the lat­est batch they are run­ning at £16k and some of them a lot more. For that sort of money it is pos­si­ble to buy a very de­cent car. John Walker, email

Heavy­weight pro­tec­tion

The re­cent re­view on the Aldi jacket and trousers missed out on what surely must be the main fea­ture of the gear in that it ex­ceeds CE level 2 abra­sion stan­dards. The lit­er­a­ture which comes with the gar­ments states that the fab­ric has an in­ter­me­di­ate layer which af­ter in­de­pen­dent test­ing en­ables the cloth­ing to with­stand abra­sion for at least 13s com­pared with the min­i­mum Euro­pean stan­dards of 4s for level 1 and 7 secs for level 2. That helps ex­plain why the cloth­ing is heav­ier than usual. Yes, the ex­tra weight will make the cloth­ing warmer in sum­mer but some of us may choose to lose a bit of sweat rather than risk los­ing a lot of skin. Stephen Wol­sten­holme, West York­shire

I just don’t buy it

The num­ber of times I walk into a deal­er­ship only to walk out as sales­men seem to be more in­ter­ested in fid­dling with their phones and com­put­ers than talk­ing and sell­ing bikes to cus­tomers is get­ting be­yond a joke. It shouldn’t be hard to buy a bike should it? Try it for your­selves, pre­tend to be a punter and wan­der into a dealer and see what hap­pens. You’ll be shocked by some. Rob Wright, email

Any use for old lids?

Just up­graded my cur­rent hel­met and

thought that the fire bri­gade would take my old one in for train­ing, to cut it off some­oneõs head af­ter an ac­ci­dent but was told that they do not re­quire them and do not do that kind of thing any­more. So where do we send them? Other than just bin­ning them? Surely some­one could use them! Alan Mclaughlin, Sheffield Ed: Sen­si­ble sug­ges­tions wel­come

Turn­ing back time

I thought you might be in­ter­ested in a photo of my Mo­tor Cy­cle News An­nual from 1975. It is un­for­tu­nately the only one I have but it has man­aged to sur­vive all these years in great con­di­tion. I came across it when I was do­ing some tidy­ing up. There are pic­tures of Mick Grant, Chas Mor­timer, Tony Rut­ter, Phil Read, Barry Sheene and Ago. Sheene also has an ar­ti­cle on Ôgrand Prix pres­sureõ. Great to re-read it all again. Der­mot Fagan, Dublin

B-road bonanza

On Fri­day, April 14 my wife and I will be start­ing a char­ity bike ride that starts in Liver­pool and goes to John OÕ Groats then down to Lands End and then back to Liver­pool in seven days us­ing only A&B roads. If any­one wants to sup­port us, check out Bowles Bik­ing Chal­lenge on Face­book. Paul Bowles, email

Back An­gle­sey not COW

Re­gard­ing the cor­re­spon­dence on the Cir­cuit of Wales Ð yet an­other case of throw­ing good money af­ter bad in the di­rec­tion of South Wales! If only a frac­tion of the sums men­tioned were put into An­gle­sey they would have a real im­pact. If a BSB round came to An­gle­sey, there is an un­tapped pool of race en­thu­si­asts just wait­ing to visit by a short ferry ser­vice from Eire and North­ern Ire­land. K Davies, Llan­dudno

Farewell Terry Beck­ett

Two-stroke tun­ing ace Terry Beck­ett from Not­ting­ham has passed away aged 87 years. Fu­neral to be an­nounced. Robert Beck­ett, email

Back-to-ba­sics fun

Glance to the right on the let­ters page and look at the pic­tures of peo­pleõs first bikes Ð small, light and non in­tim­i­dat­ing, but above all fun, thatõs why they bought their next bike. Do an hon­est as­sess­ment of which bike you have en­joyed your­self on the most, Iõll wager itõs not the huge be­he­moth sit­ting in your garage that be­cause of costs only comes out at sunny week­ends? Re­mem­ber the word is Ôfunõ. Try it again itõs fun, go back to ba­sics. D.W. Mc­cluskey, email

Shakey can still take ti­tle

Bit of a dis­as­ter Shakey miss­ing out on Don­ing­ton but itõs a good thing that BSB rules bar any­one who might have con­cus­sion from head­ing out onto the track. Ev­ery­one loves hero­ics but good sense has to pre­vail. Any­way, Shakey has the tal­ent to still take the ti­tle. J Robin­son, email

It’s amaz­ing what you find dur­ing a clearout

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