‘It’s The Stig on a bike... sort of!’

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Tester Jor­dan Gib­bons Time tested 3500 miles

What’s good Let’s get the looks out of the way, then get down to the tech. In short, the Venom looks cool. I don’t know if it’s the ref­er­ence to 1980s re­bel­lion or be­cause it’s the hel­met of The Stig but with the black vi­sor it’s 100% badass.

The shell is Maxx-3c, a car­bon, Kevlar and fi­bre­glass com­pos­ite. The re­sult, Simp­son say, is a high­strength and light­weight shell. Has it worked? Ev­i­dently, as this is the first Simp­son to re­ceive the Gold ACU sticker.

The Venom has a very wide aper­ture, which trans­lates to an ex­cel­lent field of vi­sion and swap­ping back to my AGV felt quite nar­row by com­par­i­son. The vi­sor is Pin­lock ready to keep fog at bay (but the Max Vi­sion in­sert it­self costs an ex­tra £30). There’s a drop-down sun vi­sor too.

As a cherry on the cake, the Venom has been made with comms in mind, so there are cutouts for ear pieces as well as re­cesses for the wiring that meant my Sena 20S was a breeze to fit. What’s not The top vents can’t be closed and the ones on the chin can only be redi­rected in­ter­nally, so lots of air is al­ways rush­ing around the hel­met. This means it’s noisy above 60mph and cold in win­ter, al­though if you want to save it for sum­mer cruis­ing nei­ther of these things re­ally mat­ter. To keep things sleek there’s no tab on the vi­sor, which can make open­ing it a fid­dle with thick win­ter gloves.

Su­per-wide aper­ture on the vi­sor

The lid se­cures with a dou­ble-d

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