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There are bril­liant bar­gains around if you want to go fast for not much cash SIDE NEIL MUR­RAY: USED BIKE WHEELER DEALER. HE’S ON YOUR NEXT WEEK Why BMW’S R ninet could make be a used bar­gain

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The ar­rival of new mod­els al­ways has some ef­fect on sales of the ones they are re­plac­ing. Honda have a new Fire­blade, Suzuki a new GSX-R1000 and Kawasaki have tweaked their ZX-10R.

None of these bikes are cheap, but it makes you think about 170mph­plus ma­chines... and why not?

If you look at the used mar­ket, there is one stand­out choice, and that’s Kawasaki’s ZZ-R1100.

I write this a few min­utes af­ter watch­ing a 1992/J bike, 20,000 miles only, new clutch, new brakes, and seem­ingly in damn good orig­i­nal con­di­tion, fail to sell at £1500. You what? Ac­tu­ally, the real shock was re­al­is­ing that the ZZ-R is now a quar­ter-of-a- cen­tury old, but re­ally, there is no finer and cheaper way of go­ing bloody fast. I also saw a 1997 D5 model with just 8000 miles on the clock sell for £2350.

There’s a shed­load of de­cent­look­ing ones around for a grand or less. OK, so a sports­bike it isn’t, but 175mph isn’t to be sneezed at. You’ll still whoop with glee the first time you open it up (and many times sub­se­quently), and it’s un­likely to be a me­chan­i­cal dis­as­ter be­cause not many peo­ple can thrash a ZZ-R1100 to de­struc­tion. In terms of mph for your pound, noth­ing comes close.

The other big bike that’s un­der­priced right now is the Suzuki Ban­dit 1200. I think prices of the orig­i­nal, oil-cooled ones are go­ing to head up­wards soon, not least be­cause the oil-cooled GSX-RS that do­nated the en­gine to the Ban­dit line are ris­ing in value. Sure, they have faults (small tank, specced down to a price, iffy fin­ish), but they’re bril­liant value. Just try and buy a stocker that hasn’t been ‘street­fight­ered’ (the po­lite term for ‘crashed’) or cov­ered in taste­less coloured al­loy fas­ten­ers.

I’d buy the best 250cc pure two-stroke race bike I could lay my hands on – prob­a­bly some­thing like an early 2000s Honda RS250. I love them and they’re fetch­ing good money now.

You can find ZZ-R1100S for just a grand... and then go re­ally fast

Pure two-stroke magic for Whit

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