‘ They are so sim­ple and are ba­si­cally bul­let­proof’

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“When it comes to the Free­dom en­gine they are so sim­ple they are ba­si­cally bul­let­proof. As a me­chanic I love them as they are so ac­ces­si­ble – the spark plugs, air fil­ter and oil fil­ter are on dis­play. But some peo­ple still get con­fused and for­get they are a semi-dry sump (the tank is in the crank­case) and that means you check the oil level when the en­gine is warm. That said, I’ve never known one to burn any oil and the hy­draulic tap­pets mean they never need set­ting.

“A full ser­vice his­tory is a good thing on a Ve­gas as the mo­tor needs ser­vic­ing ev­ery 5000 miles or af­ter a year. Ser­vic­ing isn’t ex­pen­sive, but the 10,000-mile one in­volves flu­ids and costs a bit more. Al­ways check the con­di­tion of the drive belt, as they cost quite a lot to re­place.

“You can get a load of go­faster good­ies for the Vic­tory, which I would rec­om­mend fit­ting. A Stage 1 kit - which is a pipe, air fil­ter and ECU re-flash - makes a huge dif­fer­ence and you can also get a set of Stage 2 cams from Vic­tory. I’ve not fit­ted a set, but they are quite pop­u­lar in Amer­ica. The big­gest re­stric­tion you get on a Vic­tory is the air­box, which no­tice­ably sti­fles the mo­tor’s per­for­mance. The Ve­gas has for­ward-mounted pegs, but you can swap them for the rear-mounted Ham­mer pegs or mid-mounts from the Judge, as they are all in­ter­change­able. “Cor­ro­sion can be a bit of an is­sue on the Ve­gas, which is a shame as the rest of the bike is beau­ti­fully built. You need to clean the chrome-plated ar­eas reg­u­larly and use a good qual­ity anti-cor­ro­sion spray. As very few Ve­gas mod­els do high mileages, or go out in the wet, this isn’t a huge is­sue. And Ve­gas mod­els don’t have much chrome any­way.

“Some early mod­els suf­fered from reg/rec is­sues, but that’s an easy plug-and-play swap, and bat­ter­ies can be a weak spot. They need to be left on charge to keep them topped up. The oil cooler is also quite ex­posed so check it for dam­age.

“It looks like there is a bolt miss­ing from the front of the en­gine, but it isn’t meant to be there! This is a mount­ing point from ear­lier mod­els that Vic­tory didn’t blank off. If it both­ers you there are cov­ers you can buy.”

‘It looks like a bolt is miss­ing from the en­gine, but it’s meant to be like that’

LOOK HERE Check for dam­age to the cooler Check for cor­ro­sion as it can get quite bad and look for dam­age to the cooler LOOK HERE

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