Why is my Q CBF125 get­ting stuck in gear?

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In March I bought my­self a 2014 Honda CBF125. Com­ing home from work today I stopped at the lights and the bike stalled with it stuck in sec­ond gear. The bike wouldn’t shift down, but was OK to shift up. I set off in sec­ond and it was fine again, then just be­fore I got home, more shift­ing prob­lems. Now the bike is in the garage and stuck in fifth gear. It will some­times shift down into fourth and then back up again but, with the clutch fully pulled in, and a firm press down, it won’t shift down any lower than fourth. It feels like the shifter is stuck and it just wob­bles slightly down when pressed and doesn’t give the usual sat­is­fy­ing clunk into gear. Ross99, MCN fo­rums

An­swered by Scott Bul­lett, Doble Mo­tor­cy­cles This is a com­mon is­sue on the CBF125, the gear shift spin­dle gets worn and the as­sem­bly, which con­sists of the spin­dle, shift plate, spring and gas­ket, all needs to be re­placed. Add in a litre of oil and the to­tal cost of parts is around £100, while the job it­self should only take a cou­ple of hours.

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