Will ticket Q blun­der wreck my theft claim?

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My bike was re­cently stolen from out­side my house. I re­ported it to my in­sur­ance com­pany and while we were go­ing through the formalities it turned out I’d for­got­ten to men­tion I got three points for speed­ing. Will they try to avoid pay­ing out?

David Bramwell, Birm­ing­ham

When you en­ter a con­tract of in­sur­ance you have a duty to an­swer all of their ques­tions ac­cu­rately.

Where any mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion was de­lib­er­ate/reck­less (eg where the cus­tomer knew, or did not care, that the info was un­true or mis­lead­ing) then the in­surer can refuse all claims.

Where the mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion was care­less the out­come de­pends on what would have hap­pened if the in­surer was given the cor­rect in­for­ma­tion. If they still would have in­sured the cus­tomer but at a higher cost or on dif­fer­ent terms (eg a higher ex­cess), then they can re­duce any pay-out by the ad­di­tional cost or based on the dif­fer­ent terms. If they would not have of­fered in­sur­ance, they can refuse to pay out, but must re­turn the in­sur­ance pre­mium.

I would call your in­surer and ex­plain the sit­u­a­tion. Be­fore do­ing so run your de­tails, with the three points, through an in­sur­ance com­par­i­son web­site. If your in­surer comes up in the re­sults then you can be fairly con­fi­dent they would have pro­vided cover.

If there is a dis­pute you can re­fer it to the Fi­nan­cial Om­buds­man to ar­bi­trate.

‘Run your de­tails with the speed­ing ticket through a com­par­i­son site’

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