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A tur­bocharger is a me­chan­i­cal de­vice that uses an en­gine’s ex­haust gases to com­press am­bi­ent air be­fore forc­ing it back into the motor via the in­take. A turbo con­tains two fans with one lo­cated in the en­gine’s ex­haust sys­tem and the other to a fresh air sup­ply. The high ve­loc­ity ex­haust gases spin the first fan (tur­bine), which in turn ro­tates the sec­ond fan (com­pres­sor) via a shaft. This sec­ond fan sucks in and com­presses am­bi­ent air, cre­at­ing charged air, which is denser than am­bi­ent air and there­fore con­tains more oxy­gen. This is then forced into the en­gine (ide­ally via a charge cooler or in­ter­cooler to re­duce its tem­per­a­ture), im­prov­ing the ef­fi­ciency of the burn and in­creas­ing the motor’s power out­put. Amaz­ingly, a turbo can ro­tate at over 240,000rpm!

Suzuki are de­vel­op­ing turbo bikes

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