Q How can I stop my dodgy hip giv­ing me gyp?

Can cops go Q af­ter this car door idiot? ‘The CPS would have to prove the pas­sen­ger meant to cause harm’

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I love my 2015 BMW K1300S M Sport, but am strug­gling to ride it. I’ve de­vel­oped arthri­tis in my hip and it’s be­com­ing un­com­fort­able even with the ad­justable Hp4-style footrests in their low­est po­si­tion.

I am con­sid­er­ing pur­chas­ing some 30mm drop ad­justable footrests from M&P for the stan­dard K1300S and then see­ing if I can get some sort of adap­tor plate made up. If I can’t get the footrests for­ward and down an inch or two I’m not go­ing to be able to ride for more than 10 min­utes with­out a lot of pain. I can’t be­lieve com­fort is be­com­ing my num­ber-one cri­te­rion for a bike. I guess I must be get­ting old. Cliff Mill­gate, Ton­bridge

AAn­swered by Michael Neeves, MCN I’ve got a higher seat unit on my S1000RR race bike and it gives me lots of legroom with­out sac­ri­fic­ing ground clear­ance. But it looks like a nice com­fort seat or an Air Hawk isn’t the so­lu­tion here as I sus­pect it’s the an­gle the rearsets put my legs in that’s giv­ing me all the com­fort. There are a few op­tions out there; Gilles RGK fold­ing footrest kit has dif­fer­ent plates that drop be­tween 10-40mm in sil­ver or black for about £90. Ger­man-built LSL pegs have eight dif­fer­ent ad­just­ments with a 25mm drop and a mod­u­lar sys­tem that al­lows you to fit dif­fer­ent peg styles and cost about £110 all-in.

Al­ter­na­tively, maybe a dif­fer­ent bike? The K1300S has quite a sporty rid­ing po­si­tion, not too far away from an S1000RR. As a BMW man, maybe try one of the R1200 fam­ily? R/RS/GS. If you want to look at other makes, how about a Har­ley Street Glide with the new Mil­wau­kee eight en­gine?

As I was pass­ing be­tween two lines of sta­tion­ary traf­fic a pas­sen­ger in a car in the out­side lane opened his door and knocked me off my bike. I have a frac­tured clav­i­cle and mi­nor nerve dam­age to my shoul­der. I am seek­ing com­pen­sa­tion from the pas­sen­ger, and I want the po­lice to pros­e­cute but they refuse – can their de­ci­sion be over­turned?

Archie Mur­ray, email

Clearly the pas­sen­ger was neg­li­gent in not look­ing to see that it was safe to get out of the car. How­ever, rather than the pas­sen­ger it is ac­tu­ally the driver of the car that is re­spon­si­ble for his or her pas­sen­gers’ ac­tions and there­fore it is the insurer of the car that should be deal­ing with your civil claim for com­pen­sa­tion.

It does not sur­prise me that the po­lice are not will­ing to pros­e­cute. The bur­den of proof in crim­i­nal cases is higher than that in civil cases and I can­not think what it is they would charge the pas­sen­ger with. I would think that the CPS would need to es­tab­lish that the pas­sen­ger had the in­ten­tion to cause you in­jury to suc­ceed in a crim­i­nal ac­tion against him.

I sin­cerely doubt that you will be able to con­vince a crim­i­nal court that the pas­sen­ger de­lib­er­ately in­tended to cause you harm and I sus­pect it will go down as a sim­ple ac­ci­dent, al­beit a painful one with on-go­ing reper­cus­sions. I sug­gest you pur­sue the civil claim and get com­pen­sated for your in­juries and financial losses.

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