‘Retro’s too rich for me’

BMW’S retro road­ster is a good bike but used prices are on the high side NEXT WEEK Is the PCP bub­ble re­ally about to burst?

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My Kawasaki ER5 was quickly flipped for a £70 profit. You may remember I hooked the bat­tery up to a car bat­tery, and it turned, chuffed... then stopped. I switched the fuel tap to prime and petrol poured out of the air in­take and it hy­draulic locked. I doubt it did any dam­age as it was turn­ing very slowly, and I shoved it back into the lock-up for a day when I could strip and clean the carbs.

Any­way, some­body wanted it as a project so away it went. I’m quite pleased, ac­tu­ally, be­cause I only spent half-an-hour try­ing to get it to go, and noth­ing what­so­ever on parts, so it’s some­one else’s prob­lem now and if it turns out to have a dam­aged en­gine, there’s money to be made break­ing it (have you seen what used ER5 tachos go for?). Ev­ery­one’s a win­ner.

My Sprint ST has the re­place­ment ig­ni­tion switch fit­ted and is purring. A new pat­tern front brake lever is on its way (cost £14) and that’ll be at Kemp­ton Park au­to­jum­ble in May. A one-owner 24,000-mile 2001 ST, full ser­vice his­tory, all re­ceipts, three­piece colour-matched lug­gage set, needs noth­ing – it should fly off my pitch. I hope.

There are quite a few used BMW R nine Ts pop­ping up in the clas­si­fieds now. Start­ing prices seem to be around nine grand. Whether they’re sell­ing at that price, I rather doubt it. New list price is only two or three grand more (de­pend­ing on model and spec).

I’ve been look­ing at a 2014 model a dealer is try­ing to shift for around £9.5k. I just think that’s too much. The bikes are in de­mand for sure, but there’s no short­age of them around, and de­pre­ci­a­tion should be more than a mere 20% over three years. I’d hag­gle around eight grand for a 2014 bike. BMWS do tend to hold their value bet­ter than most, but even so.

The R ninet is a good bike, but sec­on­hand prices seem a bit steep

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