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As of last Mon­day (April 24) the speed­ing fine sys­tem has changed and could re­sult in an of­fender pay­ing up to 150% of their weekly wage as a fine. There are now three bands (A, B and C) that cor­re­spond to dif­fer­ent speeds. Get­ting caught at 31-40mph in a 30mph zone would be a B or an A of­fence, net­ting a 50% fine, mean­ing some­one on the UK av­er­age salary would get a £200 fine. Get­ting caught at over 51mph in a 30mph would be a Band C of­fence, boost­ing the fine to around £600. These guide­lines only ap­ply in court, Fixed Penalty No­tices re­main un­changed.

Get hauled into court for speed­ing, and you’ll wish you were paid less

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