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You could fork out £4k on a de­posit for a PCP deal... or you could buy a used gem

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See what stun­ners are out there for less than £5k

There’s lit­tle doubt that at­trac­tive fi­nance pack­ages have changed the way we view buy­ing new bikes. Walk through a dealer’s show­room and you’ll see that new bikes no longer have just their full RRP em­bla­zoned on their price tags, but also an en­tic­ing-look­ing monthly pay­ment.

It could be as low as £60 or as high as £250, those monthly pay­ments de­pend on a num­ber of things: the bike’s price, the in­ter­est rate and, chiefly, how much you put down as a de­posit. Ex­perts say you should put down 25% of the to­tal on-the-road price in order to se­cure some eq­uity with the bike for you to use as a de­posit on a fu­ture PCP deal. How­ever, if you’re not 100% cer­tain what op­tion you’ll take at the end of the term, cau­tion should be used when con­sid­er­ing just how much to place as a down pay­ment, as you may not see any of it again if you choose to walk away at the end of the PCP agree­ment.

So with the most at­trac­tive PCP deals on the lat­est crop of su­per­bikes de­mand­ing an av­er­age up-front pay­ment of around £4000, we look to see if that cash can work harder for you by buy­ing a bike on the used mar­ket.

Switch Blade

There’s no deny­ing £119 per month for the all-new Honda Fire­blade is very tempt­ing, but take a look at what you could buy if you spent the re­quired £4193 de­posit on a used Honda in­stead. As MCN went to press, there was an ex­am­ple of the firm’s iconic and ap­pre­ci­at­ing SP1 for sale on­line for just £4500. The 2002 ho­molo­ga­tion spe­cial has done 35,000 miles, has non-stan­dard cans and four pre­vi­ous own­ers, but with typ­i­cal prices for these lim­ited-edi­tion WSB machines steadily spi­ralling up­wards, this could be a chance to own some­thing spe­cial and make a few quid, too.

A dif­fer­ent Ducati

Ducati’s Tri­op­tons pack­age makes it pos­si­ble to ride a new, £20,995 1299 Pani­gale S for three years for £229 per month, af­ter a £4911 de­posit. But if you don’t fancy hav­ing that size­able di­rect debit com­ing out of your ac­count all year – what can that de­posit buy you out­right on the used mar­ket?

A few ex­tra quid will be able to buy you a one-owner 2009 Ducati 1098. We found a bel­ter listed for sale on Mc­n­bikesfor­ with 16,000 miles on the clock, a full ser­vice his­tory, and a Ter­mignoni ex­haust fit­ted – all for just £6200. The 1098 is a bike that looks good and rides beau­ti­fully.

At­trac­tive April­ias

It’s a sim­i­lar story for Aprilia. Sign up to a three-year PCP deal on a new RSV4 RF for £249 per month af­ter a £5000 de­posit. Yet that de­posit will buy you the firm’s very first top-spec su­per­bike, the RSVR Fac­tory. With a 999cc V-twin en­gine, Öarahlins sus­pen­sion, lash­ings of car­bon fibre, Brembo brakes and light­weight March­esini wheels, just £4700 will buy you a low-miles, 2002 model and if you treat it right it won’t lose you any cash, ei­ther.

Best of both worlds?

Man­u­fac­tur­ers also of­fer PCP deals on used bikes. Avail­able on bikes up to five years old, PCP on used machines can make more sense be­cause, as you only pay in­ter­est on the de­pre­ci­a­tion and sec­ond­hand bikes have al­ready had the bulk of their de­pre­ci­a­tion fi­nanced by the first owner, you can of­ten have a low de­posit, low monthly pay­ments and should get some eq­uity too.

A beau­ti­ful Ducati 1098 for just £6200? What a bargain

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