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Meet Masaru Abe – he’s ut­terly nuts. He’s also ob­sessed with scoot­ers, and on Monday, May 1 he wheel­ied his Yamaha Jog into the record books, pulling off a feat that would send even the most ded­i­cated wheelie ad­dict a lit­tle crazy. Tak­ing the ti­tle of Wheelie King, Abe headed to the Kawaguchi Auto Race fa­cil­ity in Saitama, Ja­pan and pro­ceeded to get it up, and keep it up, for an arse-numb­ing 500km (310 miles) world record, beat­ing a 25-year-old record of 330km (205 miles).

The 33-year-old is some­what of a leg­end in Ja­pan for his scooter­ist lu­nacy, and while plenty of riders can barely get the front wheel float­ing with over 100bhp on tap, Abe can lift his Jog ver­ti­cal from a stand­still, and pirou­ette un­til he runs out of fuel. Fuel was a bit of an is­sue for the record, too – so his sup­port crew would ride along­side and hand him a re­fu­elling unit, which plugged into a quick-re­lease dry cou­pling on the han­dle­bar – al­low­ing him to mono un­in­ter­rupted.

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