Carb fet­tling

Ban­ish poor run­ning this week­end

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Warm it up

Warm the bike’s en­gine, then lift the tank to ac­cess the carbs. Un­plug the fuel pipes, turn the tank through 180 de­grees and re­con­nect it. Or re­move the tank com­pletely and use a slave tank.

Free the blanks

Un­screw the blank­ing screws that cover the stubs that feed into the in­let man­i­fold and clean the sur­round­ing area. Screw in the brass adap­tors from the bal­anc­ing kit, fin­ger tight only.

Mount and lo­cate

Put the gauges in a place where you can see them, then set your bike’s idle speed a lit­tle higher than nor­mal. Now find the ad­just­ment screws; on multi-cylin­der bikes num­ber three or four tends to be fixed.

Ad­just and test

Ad­just in pairs, start­ing with the pair with the fixed screw. Tiny tweaks make a big dif­fer­ence, so blip the throt­tle and let the revs set­tle each time. The read­ings should be within 2cmhg of one an­other.

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