Why is my Q Day­tona cut­ting out when it’s warm?

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I have had my Tri­umph Day­tona 900 for nine years and it hasn’t missed a beat… un­til now. It has just clocked up 30,000 miles but has taken to just cut­ting out when it reaches nor­mal run­ning tem­per­a­ture. What’s wrong? Brab27s, MCN fo­rums A An­swered by Adrian Clancy, To­tal Tri­umph You need to re­place the ig­ni­tion pickup sen­sor and set the gap at 0.6mm. There are two types of ig­ni­tion pick-up used on this bike. A good pickup should mea­sure roughly ei­ther 500 or 1200 ohms with a cold en­gine, de­pend­ing on which pickup is fit­ted. Run the en­gine un­til it stalls and mea­sure the pickup re­sis­tance again, it should read within 10% of the orig­i­nal. When you do re­place it, go for a gen­uine part. Just to con­fuse you, on carbed mod­els Tri­umph call it an ‘ig­ni­tion pick-up sen­sor’ and on EFI mod­els it’s called a ‘crank po­si­tion sen­sor’. Other firms use names such as ‘pulse coil’ or ‘pulse gen­er­a­tor’.

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