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When BMW re­leased their C evo­lu­tion elec­tric scooter they claimed it made 47.5bhp – yet it was A1 le­gal and in the same class as a 125cc petrol ma­chine as it was rated at 15bhp. How is this pos­si­ble? It’s all down to max­i­mum power and rated out­put. Max­i­mum power is, as its name sug­gests, the max­i­mum power that the mo­tor pro­duces. How­ever, to have a rated out­put the ve­hi­cle needs to be able to pro­duce this power for a sus­tained pe­riod. On a petrol ve­hi­cle it’s not an is­sue as a mo­tor can run at its red­line as long as it is fed un­leaded, but elec­tric ve­hi­cles can’t. As an elec­tric ve­hi­cle’s bat­tery drains its power is re­duced, mean­ing its av­er­age out­put (rated) is lower than its max value. That’s why the new C evo­lu­tion Plus is no longer A1-le­gal as its bet­ter­per­form­ing bat­tery has seen its rated out­put in­crease from 15bhp to 26bhp while its max­i­mum out­put re­mains at 47.5bhp.

Petrol is just so last year…

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