Rea & Davies clash at Assen

Davies fu­ri­ous af­ter Su­per­pole clash and re­fuses to ac­cepts Rea’s apol­ogy

Motorcycle News (UK) - - This Week - By Gor­don Ritchie WSB REPORTER IN ASSEN

The lid that had been hold­ing down the grow­ing an­i­mos­ity be­tween Chaz Davies and Jonathan Rea in WSB got ripped off in Su­per­pole qual­i­fy­ing at Assen.

Hav­ing set the fastest ever Su­per­bike lap of the Dutch cir­cuit mo­ments ear­lier, Rea throt­tled off as he headed back to the pits, think­ing he had left enough room for the fol­low­ing Davies to get through. Davies, go­ing for a fi­nal fast lap, ar­rived at pace and found Rea in his way, and was forced to take avoid­ing ac­tion to pre­vent a col­li­sion.

With Rea look­ing back on the in­side Davies slapped Rea’s right arm as he went past, and they ges­tic­u­lated to each other as they came back to the Su­per­pole parc ferme.

They then ar­gued, highly pub­licly, as the TV cam­eras looked on, and Rea was later pe­nalised for his role and dropped back three grid places for race one – in which the two had a ti­tanic bat­tle un­til Davies’ Du­cati cut out on the penul­ti­mate lap.

Davies was not pe­nalised, de­spite his slap on Rea, but the dam­age had been done, and it was the big­gest talk­ing point of the week­end.

Rea won that race, af­ter a close but very fair fight with Davies, who had to en­dure more points loss and heart­break as his bike’s elec­tron­ics packed up with just a lap to go.

TV cam­eras and mi­cro­phones picked up some of the Su­per­pole pit­lane fra­cas, with the fol­low­ing ex­change be­ing caught on cam­era, af­ter Davies made it plain he had to take avoid­ing ac­tion and thought Rea had not done enough to give him a clear track.

Chaz: “Well f**k off out of the way then.” Rea: “I was out of the way. Get over it Chaz, get over it.” Chaz: “You were parked in the mid­dle of the track. If it was any­body else you could kick him off. Spoiled lit­tle prick you are.” Rea: “It’s you that looks like the spoiled lit­tle prick.” Chaz (bow­ing sar­cas­ti­cally): “Sorry Johnny sorry mate. We will all kiss your ass mate, it’s al­right.”

‘I do not ac­cept your apol­ogy be­cause it took you long enough to get there’ CHAZ DAVIES ‘I am sorry I dis­turbed your lap but I don’t want to be punched’ JONATHAN REA

Rea ap­proaches but, Chaz re­fuses to shake his hand: Rea: “I am try­ing to give you an apol­ogy.” Chaz: “You are clearly not be­cause you don’t feel like you have done any­thing wrong.” Rea: “Be­cause you’re at­tack­ing me…” Chaz: “I am not at­tack­ing you – if you had just said sorry mate I was in your way then…” Rea: “You are at­tack­ing me on the bike and at­tack­ing me with words now. I am sorry that I dis­turbed your lap but I don’t want to be punched or shouted at in Parc Ferme. I don’t want to be called a spoiled brat. I am re­ally sorry. Let’s shake hands and get over this.”

Davies re­fuses his hand for a sec­ond time: “I do not ac­cept your apol­ogy be­cause it took you long enough to get there.”

Rea and Davies man­aged to smile on the sec­ond race podium A fair fight in race one fol­lowed a ma­jor spat af­ter Su­per­pole

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