‘Mo­men­tum is key’

Rider Jon Urry Spe­cial­ist skill Has ac­tu­ally re­searched both bikes in de­tail

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“The Zero isn’t as fast as the Eva, but it is lighter and has a bet­ter range, and I should need less charge (from its slower charger), for the race home. I’ve got a fast charger in my ruck­sack, too. It costs £702 but is cur­rently in­cluded for free, and cuts recharge time to five hours.

“Set­ting off in ‘Eco’ mode, the ba­sic dash shows me power per­cent­age, range, trip and throt­tle open­ing. My GPS gives me an ac­cu­rate dis­tance to the pub, so as long as I have enough range I’m home dry. Ac­cel­er­a­tion drains bat­ter­ies, so I’m us­ing min­i­mal throt­tle, av­er­ag­ing just un­der one mile per per­cent­age of bat­tery. But keep­ing mo­men­tum is key so, still in ‘Eco’, I go to over­take a lorry only to dis­cover ac­cel­er­a­tion is capped, hang­ing me out to dry.

“Rid­ing through Oun­dle I brake hard as a pedes­trian who doesn’t hear me steps out into the road, so I’m forced to ac­cel­er­ate back up to speed again. On to the twisty A427 I switch to ‘cus­tom’ mode, which I have tweaked us­ing the app to give loads of re­gen­er­a­tion, which I use in­stead of the brakes into bends. I treat my­self to a quick blast in ‘Sport’ mode through a se­ries of cor­ners, killing 3% of bat­tery in one mile. The Zero is a bit top-heavy and has a strange front end feel, but it is light to turn. Skinny tyres mean I don’t want to push it too hard, but it’s en­joy­able.

“On the A43 and A47 I’m get­ting ner­vous, My bat­tery is at 50% de­spite be­ing in ‘Eco’ and I still have 30 miles to go. En­ter­ing Mel­ton Mow­bray I’m held at a traf­fic light for an eter­nity. Once through Mel­ton my sat­nav tells me I have 11.3 miles to go, and my bat­tery is at 23%, so I know I’ll make it. For the last five miles I switch to ‘Sport’ and throw bat­tery life to the wind. When I see the pub, the bat­tery is at 1%, but James is al­ready there. He’s beaten me by 1m 4s. That bas­tard traf­fic light cost me a £90 meal.”

ÔI treat my­self to a blast in sport mode, killing 3% of bat­tery in one mileõ

It feels a lit­tle top-heavy, but it’s still en­joy­able

This, ladies and gentle­men, is what some­one about to buy a £90 lunch looks like

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