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Check your beam is on the level

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Measure up

With the bike up­right and with some­one sit­ting on it, measure from the ground to the cen­tre of the bulb. Mark this mea­sure­ment on your garage door. This is the Hor­i­zon­tal Zero Per­cent Line (HZPL).

Check the ver­ti­cal

Cross the HZPL line with the Ver­ti­cal Zero Per­cent Line ( VZPL) – it needs to be 300mm above the HZPL. This is how you measure the ‘kick-up’ from the left­hand side of the beam on a UK bike.

Roll the bike back

Measure 3.81m from the door and mark the spot. Then, while keep­ing in line with the VZPL, wheel the bike back to your mark. The higher kick-up beam should be at least 10cm to the left of the VZPL.

Check the dip

If your bulb is less than 850mm from the ground, the top edge of the dipped beam should be 20-80mm be­low the HZPL. If the bulb is above 850mm the edge should be 50-110mm be­low the HZPL.

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