‘It’s a great bike that has aged well’

‘It was the first bike to have full fly-by-wire throt­tle so you had rider modes and so on’

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“It’s a good bike – we had a very good start with it back in 200708 when it first got launched, it was very, very pop­u­lar. The only thing it suf­fers with is that I don’t think Aprilia re­newed it enough and made enough noise about it, so sales tailed off. But it’s a great lit­tle bike that has aged well.

“When you look at it now it still looks cut­ting edge. When launched it was the first bike to have full fly-by-wire throt­tle so you had rider modes and so on. It’s a phe­nom­e­nal lit­tle ma­chine that’s great fun to ride and very re­li­able. We’ve had no me­chan­i­cal is­sues with them, just the odd bit of elec­tri­cal stuff early on. But me­chan­i­cally they’ve al­ways been very re­li­able with long ser­vice in­ter­vals. They hold their money pretty well on the used mar­ket, too. We’ve had ones come in that are four, five even six years old and they’ll still sell for up to £4000.

“They fell out of the lime­light be­cause Aprilia didn’t up­date the model enough. The brands that have done well in re­cent years, are the ones that are con­stantly launch­ing new bikes.

“As for the chas­sis. It has good brakes – not full Brem­bos but the sys­tem’s good, while the later ones have ABS. It’s a good, re­li­able sys­tem. The forks are non-ad­justable but most bikes in that class wouldn’t have them ei­ther.

“There’s no prob­lems cos­met­i­cally ei­ther: no en­gine peel­ing, no ex­ces­sive cor­ro­sion, noth­ing that I would flag up.

“You need to be a lit­tle wary of novice mis­use be­cause it’s that sort of bike and also A2 qual­i­fy­ing, so for years it’s been used as a re­stricted bike as well. But be­ing a naked, there’s never a lot of dam­age un­less some­one’s had a big crash. Com­muters use them, too, and some­one who com­mutes wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily look af­ter their bike as well as an owner who uses it as a toy.

“The GT vari­ant wasn’t very suc­cess­ful, mostly be­cause they made a very pretty bike look very ugly. So that was a bit of a no-no. They were very hard to move.

“It’s got a lovely sound­ing en­gine and peo­ple like to en­hance that with some Akrapovics or the like. Fly screens, too, with it be­ing a naked are quite pop­u­lar, too. And for the same rea­son as be­fore, crash pro­tec­tors are very pop­u­lar, as well.”

Watch out for low-speed crash dam­age. Fin­ish and brakes are gen­er­ally good

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