Ammo Aeroglide Su­per Pol­ish £9.95

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Tester Emma Franklin Time tested Six months

What’s good? This is my kind of pol­ish. Sim­ply spray on and then wipe off for a bril­liant shine. Aeroglide Su­per Pol­ish is un­like other pol­ishes in that it’s al­most wa­tery in its con­sis­tency, mak­ing it a real cinch to buff off; there’s none of that ar­ma­ch­ing work you get with con­ven­tional, thicker pol­ishes. Plus, it can be used on a wide range of fin­ishes, from paint to plas­tics, and does a good job on glass as well. SIX Smells good, too. MO NT

What’s not? Whilst the HS prod­uct it­self is good, the bot­tle it comes in is a lit­tle cheap and ba­sic. I left this in the boot of my car and the spray top ac­ci­dently came un­done, coat­ing my boot in Aeroglide and mak­ing my car whiff of spray pol­ish for weeks. Con­tact www. am­mo­ Qual­ity +++ ++ Value +++ ++

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