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Can a Power Com­man­der V trans­form the GSX-S1000’S dodgy fu­elling?

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Fix­ing the fu­elling

Re­mem­ber those aw­ful Churchill ad­verts with the nod­ding dog? That’s what you feel like try­ing to ride the GSX-S1000 through town, or any­where where you have to treat the throt­tle with any­thing less than full ag­gres­sion. The un­wel­come nod­ding sen­sa­tion comes from the Suzuki’s schiz­o­phrenic fuel map; so smooth when hard on the gas, so abrupt when you shut the throt­tle – and with one of the worst tran­si­tions from closed to open since Honda’s SP1. It def­i­nitely needed sort­ing.

I’ve felt lit­tle need to trou­ble the ex­cel­lent team at Dyno­jet over the last few years, thanks to most mod­ern bikes fu­elling with great pre­ci­sion – while they used to be the first call I made ev­ery year. The hunt for ex­tra horses, im­proved midrange, and a clin­i­cal throt­tle re­sponse al­ways made the Power Com­man­der a must-have ac­ces­sory – and I had no real doubt that the GSX-S would ben­e­fit from one.

With the lat­est PCV in my hand (£368.48, dyno­, I set aside a morn­ing to care­fully strip the GSX-S, and se­crete the magic box of tricks. The PCV plugs into each of the four in­jec­tors, as well as the Throt­tle Po­si­tion Sen­sor, to rein­ter­pret the sig­nals from the throt­tle and measure out ex­actly the right amount of squirt from the in­jec­tors. It took an hour and a half to fit, work­ing me­thod­i­cally, and clean­ing each part as I stripped the side pan­els, and tank, ra­di­a­tor and ig­ni­tion shrouds so that I could prop up the tank and get to the in­jec­tors. Once ex­posed, it’s a twominute job to pop the injector and TPS con­nec­tors off, and re­con­nect them with the PCV as a bridge. Add the earth con­nec­tor to the neg­a­tive bat­tery ter­mi­nal, and you’re done. Re­fit­ting is the op­po­site of re­moval.

Dyno­jet sent the unit with a base map in­stalled, so it re­ally is plu­gand-play – although you’ll al­ways get the very best re­sults from a bit of be­spoke dyno set-up time.

Has it worked? Damn right it has. Gone is the lurch­ing, snatchy, de­fi­antly ob­sti­nate throt­tle re­sponse, to be re­placed with what I can best de­scribe as ‘nor­mal’ fu­elling. That’s not an in­sult. Clean, pre­cise de­liv­ery, right from the pre­vi­ous ‘dan­ger zone’ of 2-3500rpm, is com­bined with a dra­mat­i­cally smoother tran­si­tion from closed to open throt­tle, and a far less face-plant­ing re­ac­tion when you shut-off. The sen­sa­tion of the throt­tle ‘hunt­ing’ on an even throt­tle is also gone. It’s a rev­e­la­tion – and my neck mus­cles feel bet­ter al­ready.

‘Has it worked? Damn right it has. Gone is the lurch­ing, snatchy, ob­sti­nate throt­tle re­sponse’

£368 well spent. The Suzuki has been­been cleaned up by the Power Com­man­der Strip down tank up and it’s time for some fu­elling magic

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