Q Can I sort my bike’s poor fu­elling with a bolt-on gadget?

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I know it’s a fairly com­mon prob­lem on many mod­ern fuel-in­jected bikes, but my Tri­umph Speed Triple 1050 suf­fers from mad snatch­i­ness on the throt­tle, es­pe­cially at low revs. I found this web­site for some­thing called a Booster Plug, which is sup­posed to be a plug-and-play de­vice which sorts it all out. At al­most £125 it’s not cheap, but if it worked it’d be worth it. Bar­ney, MCN fo­rums

A An­swered by Clive Wood, Clive Wood Tri­umph I have never fit­ted one, but I have re­moved plenty of sim­i­lar sys­tems! They fool the en­gine elec­tron­i­cally into run­ning rich for a while, but af­ter a pe­riod of time the bike’s adap­tion sys­tem will cor­rect the mix­ture to pro­tect the cat­alytic con­ver­tor from dam­age by ex­cess fuel.

Once armed with the cor­rect com­puter soft­ware and plug­ging in your PC, you need to make sure the bike goes into closed loop mode and is set-up for ‘closed throt­tle adapted’, which means the throt­tle al­ways re­turns to same spot so the ECU can learn a ref­er­ence point. That won’t work un­less you set the throt­tle freeplay so it stays fully closed on full-lock.

Next, bal­ance the throt­tle bod­ies. This has the big­gest ef­fect but rarely gets done as you need to re­move the tank and air­box, then re­assem­ble it all with­out the air­box to give you ac­cess. Do­ing all that prob­a­bly takes an ex­tra 1–2 hours.

I have a ques­tion about the hel­met I was wear­ing when I had an ac­ci­dent in April. The hel­met was a gift which a friend bought in Spain. I had no idea it was not road-le­gal – the po­lice say it had no BSI Kitemark. When I came off I knocked my head and have since had mi­graines, dizzy spells and a slight twitch. A neu­rol­o­gist has linked these symp­toms to my ac­ci­dent but the solic­i­tors for the driver who hit me say I can’t claim com­pen­sa­tion due to my il­le­gal hel­met. Is this cor­rect? Justin, Cardiff A All hel­mets worn on UK roads must ei­ther: O Meet Bri­tish Stan­dard BS 6658: 1985 and carry the BSI Kitemark O Meet UNECE Reg­u­la­tion 22.05 O Meet a Euro­pean Eco­nomic Area mem­ber stan­dard of­fer­ing the same safety and pro­tec­tion as BS 6658:1985, and carry a mark equiv­a­lent to the BSI Kitemark.

So, the is­sue you need to ob­tain ev­i­dence on is whether or not your hel­met sat­is­fied the Span­ish rules, car­ried their equiv­a­lent of a Kitemark and prove that the level of pro­tec­tion af­forded matched or ex­ceeded the Bri­tish stan­dard. If you can do so there will be no con­trib­u­tory neg­li­gence or re­duc­tion to the com­pen­sa­tion you can re­ceive.

If the hel­met is deemed not to have sat­is­fied the Bri­tish stan­dard then the court can re­duce the com­pen­sa­tion if it is ac­cepted by the judge that had you been wear­ing a le­gal hel­met you would not have sus­tained a head in­jury or that its ef­fect would have been less­ened. If this is likely to be an is­sue your neu­rol­o­gist ex­pert will need to deal with this in his/her ev­i­dence.

‘The hel­met was a gift from a friend – I had no idea it wasn’t UK le­gal’

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