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Dump­ing Du­cati stinks

So, Audi are all set to dump Du­cati. Just goes to show what a two-bob com­pany they are, hav­ing lied about emis­sions of their cars, they then caused Du­cati deal­ers to spend loads on mak­ing their show­rooms look like they’re overblown car dealerships and now they are off. Well, good and let’s hope the next buyer has the com­mit­ment to stay the course rather than the five-year dal­liance that VW had. As for their cars, they can poke ’em where the sun don’t shine! Al Saw­ford, email

Cheap thrills at Jerez

Af­ter hear­ing the BT Sport com­men­ta­tors men­tion­ing how cheap the prices were for the Mo­togp at Jerez, I did some com­par­isons with the WSB round there in Oc­to­ber and the one at Don­ing­ton later this month. Jerez is of­fer­ing a week­end pass with pad­dock ac­cess for €25, whereas the same ticket for Don­ing­ton is £92.50. I don’t get why the dif­fer­ence is so big. Hav­ing said that I’ll prob­a­bly still go to Don­ing­ton if only to see an ac­tual Su­per­sport 300 race, as Eurosport seem happy to tease us by only show­ing qual­i­fy­ing! Ian Craig, Aberdeen

Buzzing af­ter lat­est ride

I ex­pe­ri­enced first-hand, an elec­tric mo­tor in a mo­tor­cy­cle the other day, in the form of the BMW eco scooter. Kick­ing the ass off ev­ery­thing on the way into work in Lon­don from Guild­ford, and all the way back again, with loads of charge still left. Un­be­liev­able ac­cel­er­a­tion… and in­stan­ta­neous power from a roll-on test while over­tak­ing… the fu­ture is here peo­ple! Pat Keenan, Guild­ford

Are electrics friends?

Af­ter read­ing about KTM’S elec­tric bike plans (MCN, May 3) I can see the ad­van­tage of elec­tric bikes but we suf­fer from a se­ri­ous theft prob­lems in cities and know­ing a bike will be left parked for sev­eral hours while charg­ing will give thieves the up­per hand. Also, driv­ers of­ten hear bikes be­fore they see them so the lack of noise could mean more ‘sorry, I didn’t see you’ ac­ci­dents. I hope I am wrong. Ad­nan, Sur­rey

Sue the car door id­iot

Re­gard­ing the le­gal query where a rider was knocked off by a car pas­sen­ger open­ing a door (MCN, April 26), the mo­tor ve­hi­cles con­struc­tion and use reg­u­la­tions 1986 state ‘no per­son shall open, or cause or per­mit to be opened, any door of a ve­hi­cle on a road so as to in­jure or en­dan­ger any per­son’. So it would ap­pear that both the driver and pas­sen­ger are guilty of an of­fence and if proven this would help a civil claim. Mal Ben­nett, email

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