‘It's a solid ma­chine and prob­lems are rare’

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“The Road­mas­ter is in such a high spec­i­fi­ca­tion as standard, own­ers don’t re­ally have many op­tions with when it comes to up­grad­ing!

“You get just about ev­ery lux­ury you can pos­si­bly think of as standard, so your choices are fairly lim­ited. From the bikes we see com­ing in to Krazy Horse, Stage 1 kits seem pretty pop­u­lar, which is a free-flow­ing air fil­ter and ex­hausts as well and a new ECU map. This is a com­mon ad­di­tion to any cruiser as it re­ally en­hances the sound as well as the mid-range per­for­mance as the standard pipe and fil­ter are quite re­stric­tive.

“A cou­ple of own­ers go one step fur­ther and we have fit­ted a few cam kits to Road­mas­ters, which isn’t too big a job.

“The Road­mas­ter has push rods and three cams – a com­bined one for both in­lets and sep­a­rate ones for each ex­haust. If you go for this Stage 2 op­tion you need to al­ready have a Stage 1 kit fit­ted to the bike, or fit one, but the al­tered cams give it a load more grunt and that makes a won­der­ful tourer even bet­ter. Get­ting to the cams isn’t too tricky, but you are look­ing at a good day or so and it re­quires spe­cial tools so is a job for an au­tho­rised In­dian me­chanic only.

“The Road­mas­ter is a bike that gets used and there­fore you have to ex­pect it to have a few miles on the clock. They soak up the mileages and as long as it is ser­viced at the cor­rect in­ter­vals you should have no is­sues. “Check the usual things such as brake pads, tyre life etc but it is a very solid ma­chine and you are un­likely to have any prob­lems other than the usual con­sum­ables. And if you do ex­pe­ri­ence any major is­sues, In­di­ans are cov­ered by a five-year war­ranty, which is re­as­sur­ing. “While you can’t re­ally up­grade the Road­mas­ter in terms of tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tion, the In­dian parts and ac­ces­sories brochure is full of items such as arm­rests – the sort of ac­ces­sories that im­prove the bike’s crea­ture comforts. Th­ese are well worth in­vest­ing in if you are look­ing at long dis­tance tour­ing and they do add value to a used bike.”

‘Ex­pect a few miles on the clock but you shouldn’t have any major prob­lems’

You'll need a bit of a crawl around to as­sess the tyres and brake pads/discs

Some go for a bit of tun­ing so make sure it has been done pro­fes­sion­ally

CURLY Chief tech­ni­cian at Krazy Horse

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